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Black people have always been part of the historical narrative. We have had successes and failures, pain and delights, achievements and loss, adventure and invention, creativity and wisdom. We have Kings and Queens, chiefs and politicians, scientists, writers, singers, dancers, indeed we have always been present in the human story. These books shine a light on stories of courage, often against incredible odds, capturing experiences from around the world from people of black heritage looking at the great, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

These books bring the Black narrative to the broadest possible audience. It is not just for one community but wishes to draw all communities into an understanding, awareness and celebration of an underrepresented aspect of history. Hanging on what happened on this day throughout the year, the reader is encouraged to consume a daily dose of the Black story including the highs, lows, excitement, despair, challenges and successes.

About the Author:

Born in Southampton on 24th February 1964, it was the day Cassius Clay became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Born, just after midnight, to Jamaican parents, part of the Windrush generation, I was reported as the first baby born in the newly-founded city of Southampton. I trained to be a teacher at King Alfred's College (Winchester University) graduating with a B Ed in 1987. The following 32 years saw me teaching Religious Studies, all at the same school. I loved teaching but did not allow work to prohibit my love of travelling, literature, the theatre, cinema, music (live and recorded), exhibitions and museums. Cowper's "Variety's the spice of life", informed my passion for life and came together in my work and ultimately the research writing and the book.

Questions about my Blackness remain constant: Who am I? Where and how do I fit in? All too often our stories have been downplayed, ignored, redacted, appropriated, even hidden. Where am I in this story? Investigating and researching took me on a journey to many countries, people, times and events. Some stories were familiar. There was far too much that was worryingly new. I was forced to re-think ideas and alter perspectives. Achievements and successes against incredible odds were numerous. Yet, too many doors opened revealing more horror, racism, prejudice and discrimination.

The aim is to bring the Black narrative, the Black experience, and Black contributions, positive and negative, to a wider audience. Each day one is encouraged to read; January 1st to December 31st, to gain insight seeing the world through Black eyes and minds. With two volumes my fear is that I have only begun to scratch the surface of our collective stories.

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